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Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

University of Sussex

Master of Arts
United Kingdom


        A journalist’s duty is to tell stories to others, which requires an ability to express ideas clearly and often quickly while also being engaging and accurate. My Masters course offers quite a few opportunities to practice this skill, there are countless other stories and situations in the world that are just waiting to be explored. Thus I started communicating anything significant that came to mind every now and then, on topics that I have always held opinions about or simply triggered by current affairs. These snapshots of my thoughts are kept in writing and spoken speech, an exercise to help me improve my approach towards these two forms of communications. They are certainly an important step in getting myself accustomed to the life of constant information processing and output.


Writing Practice:

2017 - 2018  
20. Problemi Mentali in Studenti Universitari (Italian) 275 words
19. The Cold War Lives On? 403 words
18. Crumbling Gender Boundaries from Surgical Advances 293 words
17. Men's Gripes on International Women's Day 336 words
16. Beast from the East a Man-made Monster or Random Anomaly? 450 words
15. No Escape from Abuse in Foreign Aid? 387 words
14. Democracy: a Weakened Opposition Against Authoritarianism 348 words
13. Political Tweet Wars for Confusing the Public 311 words
12. Lecturer Strike: Students as Collateral Damage 436 words
11. Minorities in Films: Changing Slowly 437 words
10. Academic Writing: A Lot of Words with Few Meanings 406 words
9. Pandas: The Cute but Unjustified Royalty of Conservation? 668 words
8. Plastics: A Durable Menace 393 words
7. Star Wars: Past and Present Successes 365 words
6. A Tenuous Equilibrium in North Korea 371 words
5. Naturally Racist 295 words
4. The Open Market for Self-made Media Content 518 words
3. Facebook: News with No Direction? 376 words
2. The Need for Automation 457 words
1. Being Green 510 words

Oral Practice:

2017 - 2018  
14. At Odds with Relics of the Past 4 min, 11 sec
13. Flu Vaccines versus the Word of God 3 min, 27 sec
12. The Significance of Anti-pigeon Spikes on Trees 3 min, 34 sec
11. Free Speech, 'No-platforming' and Safety 5 min,29 sec
10. Antibiotic Apocalypse 5 min, 15 sec
9. Brexit Bother 2 min, 51 sec
8. Claims of Sexual Abuse:
From a Silent to an Exposed Issue
4 min, 23 sec
7. Flat Earthers 3 min, 3 sec
6. Belittling Chicken Shops 3 min, 54 sec
5. Science and News Stories 3 min, 23 sec
4. Sugar Addiction 3 min, 20 sec
3. Trump and Post-Truth America 2 min, 16 sec
2. Tobacco, Beef and Efficiency 3 min, 59 sec
1. Catalan Independence 4 min, 41 sec



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