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Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom

Oral Practice

Oral – Practice II
( Advanced 2010 - 2012 )

                        The oral presentations that I give after completing each textbook's chapter are continued in Advanced. As before, I conduct these presentations with only a white board. However, presentations now have a maximum time limit of 1.5 hours, so they have to be precise. My Dad will also ask questions and even challenge me periodically, giving interactive situations for me to handle. I must also strive to explain scientific concepts as plain as possible. This is something that every scientist should be capable of, in both verbal and written presentations. An important part of a scientist’s duty is to make science easily comprehensible to everyone else.

                        Included below are videos of my recent oral exercises, each showing an entire presentation. Please note that these presentations were recorded using a small digital camera, hence the background audio may inevitably sound noisy. Plus, it can only take videos 30 minutes long, so presentations over 30 minutes must be done in multiple halves.

Title                                                                                        Medium                                 Hours            

           Volume 2                     Chapter   18-19                     English                                       3
           Volume 1                     Chapter   1-17                       English                                      25

Chemistry 3 –                         Chapter   1-16                       English                                      29
Introducing Inorganic,
Organic And Physical

Essential Cell                          Chapter   1-16                       English                                      28
                                                                    51                                                                             85


Biology: Intracellular Compartments and Transport ( 2012 - 110 min )

Chemistry: Entropy and Gibbs Energy ( 2012 - 73 min )

Physics: Electric Forces and Electric Fields ( 2012 - 80 min )


Oral – Practice I ( Intermediate 2007 - 2009 )

                        Even during my Foundation years, my parents encouraged me to share what I had learned from books. In most cases, I presented what I read in non-fiction titles to my parents in a casual manner. In Intermediate, this was fully incorporated as a regular part of my studies. Upon completing a chapter in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, DNA, and Economics, I gave an oral presentation on what I had learned. No time limit was imposed, and I was free to express myself. My father was my only, silent listener, and he never asked any questions at this stage. I was just constantly encouraged to present.

                        At first, I conducted all presentations in my mother tongue, Cantonese. After some time, however, I was prompted to start presenting in English. This transition applied to the above subjects except DNA, which we presumed to be more difficult to express. Initially, I was somewhat nervous at the prospect of presenting in English. However I quickly overcame such uneasiness. The fact that the textbooks themselves were in English certainly helped as well.

                       To my surprise, I did 125 presentations for a total of 299 hours, averaging over 2 hours per chapter. In retrospect, I sometimes wonder where I can find so much to talk about. I also found that I can more or less naturally organize information into logical structures. Furthermore, I grew to enjoy sharing my knowledge through these verbal, open presentations.

Title                                                                Medium                     Hours             Total Hours              

Conceptual Physics            
           Chapter 8 – 36                                     English                           72                       86
           Chapter 1 – 7                                       Chinese                          14

Chemistry, The Central Science                
           Chapter 4 – 25                                     English                           55                       61
           Chapter 1 – 3                                       Chinese                          6

Biology, A Guide To The Natural World                       
           Chapter 6 – 33                                     English                           70                       80
           Chapter 1 – 5                                       Chinese                          10

DNA, The Secret Of Life                            
           Chapter 1 - 13                                      Chinese                          29                       29

           Chapter 4 – 18                                     English                           37                       43
           Chapter 1 – 3                                       Chinese                          6

                                                                                                                                                                                                               125                                                                                                            299


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