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    Men's Gripes on International Women's Day

         International Women’s Day is a time for remembering the achievements that women have attained and the social challenges that they still face today. As usual, various posts from individuals and organisations were made on social media to mark the occasion. The fact that the celebration was the top trending topic in Twitter will surprise no one. What might be rather amusing was that the runner up on the same list was International Men’s Day. Various men have been asking – perhaps snidely – about the date for the males’ turn or ignorantly querying why we do not have a Men’s Day. Among them was actor Thomas Turgoose, whose unfortunate tweet attracted sharp rebuttals and eventually forced him to close his Twitter account. Though Turgoose later claimed it was an honest question, the damage was already done. These tweets will definitely reinforce the popular view that some men just never learn nor realise the consequences of male privilege.

         Those who thought Men’s Day did not exist without doing a cursory Google search probably deserved a putdown of some sort. Yet ignorance aside, there may be a somewhat understandable (if ultimately misguided) rationale behind men’s indignation.

         Though it may have predated modern social movements, Women’s Day is now part of the bigger push for gender equality. Progressive thinking in society is now aiming to end discrimination against women in various social arenas. Abolishing mistaken prejudices, ensuring equal opportunities and pay are just some aspects of this fight. Unfortunately, the odds are still sufficiently stacked against women such that we often must focus on elevating women’s position to get any progress at all. The contradiction between the goal of equality and the approach through preferential treatment for females may be what is bothering some males. Unless there is a radical change in society, however, this ideologically conflicting set of means to an end will probably be necessary. So long as we remember our actual aims, we should not assume that we are headed for an age of matriarchic society.

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