Mike Ko Personal Portfolio


Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

University of Sussex

Master of Arts
United Kingdom

     International Journalism

        The Masters degree in International Journalism at Sussex University covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the field. I gained knowledge on crucial aspects of journalism - including news values, relations with political power and alternative media – and how their influences varied in different areas of the world. Further studies focus on how the industry operates in the international world. There are frequent discussion seminars where our multinational class can share their different experiences and arguments.

          On the practical side, I contemplated the qualities of stories, audio and video that make for good stories on radio and TV. Assessments based on the production of actual story or feature packages allowed me to immediately apply these principles into practice. Training for written news and features was done through constant practice sessions, where I must quickly produce print-ready stories in the proper format based on various scenarios. Immediate feedback from journalist tutors helped me to quickly improve my understanding of news and how it should be approached. Interview techniques and the publication side of journalism – such as headlines and print layouts – were also taught.

          All the skills learned thus far on finding stories, news gathering and production will be tested in the final project, which puts each individual student in charge of making three long written features.

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