Mike Ko Personal Portfolio


Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom



                        In previous years I have read many books on various subjects, including science-related ones. I was greatly interested in these titles’ detailed yet interlinked information that explained a bigger picture. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn how our world worked at deeper levels. Hence I was quite enthusiastic when I began reading textbooks on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. As I continued, these science subjects became the basic and personally favored study subjects.

                        I particularly liked Physics and Biology, which I can directly apply to explain or account for physical phenomena. Chemistry was relatively abstract by comparison, yet I was fascinated that matter was based on nano-scale properties. Over time, I began to interpret the world with such newfound knowledge. Of course, there were times when some concepts were somewhat puzzling to me. In addition, the writing styles of the textbooks were initially quite unfamiliar to me. Regardless, I was quite eager to discover more, and contemplated over unclear points until I was comfortable with my understanding.

                        As I learned more, it grew more apparent that laymen are quite ignorant of their surroundings. At times, it was perplexing how modern people willingly ignore the world’s mechanisms, both common and rare. Furthermore, I began to see that humans occupy only a small place in the universe. Many fascinating things exist, and they certainly do not revolve around us. As such, I started considering whether I wanted to uncover and comprehend more of nature’s fascinating phenomena. In other words, shall I join other people in learning more about the universe, and so become a scientist?

Physics I

Conceptual Physics                                       Paul G. Hewitt                      Pearson   ( 10th Ed )
Conceptual Physics Practice Book              Paul G. Hewitt                      Pearson   ( 10th Ed )

Chemistry I

Chemistry, The Central Science                  Theodore Brown...                Pearson   ( 10th Ed )

Biology I

Biology, A Guide To The Natural               David Krogh                         Prentice Hall ( 3rd Ed )



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