Mike Ko Personal Portfolio


Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom


Magazines I

                        Most of my reading materials come from the public libraries. Apart from borrowing books, I also found the four magazines below. Each focuses on different areas, including science, nature, society, politics and economics. I really enjoy reading these magazines regularly, whose articles are quite informative and relatively new as well. Hence I included them into my study curriculum. I usually put magazine sessions between academic subjects as a small, leisure-reading break. However, borrowing library magazines had its inconveniences. We can only borrow magazines that were three months old. I did not quite mind, however, as I was just starting. Each magazine, past or current, is interesting because it shows various kinds of information about the world. Over time, I have read many issues, and magazine reading gradually evolved more or less into a habit.

     Magazine                                                  Publisher                                                         

National  Geographic
Popular Science
Reader’s Digest
The National Geographic Society
Time Asia
Popular Science Publication Company
Reader’s Digest Association Far East Limited

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