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Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom


Liberal  Studies I

                        Liberal Studies is more or less an extension of my Foundation reading. At that time I have read many relatively academic non-fiction books, including science-related ones. In Intermediate, science has its own allocated time in the curriculum. Liberal studies then involved reading about anything that I found interesting. Topics span across many different areas, touching upon different areas of knowledge. Apart from books, I also read local Chinese and English newspapers. In addition, I regularly read online news from agencies like BBC and CNN.

                        Obtaining information is easy, especially in this age. Yet as I read more about various topics, I started to evaluate more deeply such information. Are they accurate or logical? What are their cause and effects? In other words, I began to look for the reality and significance behind information about various things. This is the best thing that I gained from Liberal Studies.

Book                                                              Author                                  Publisher                          

First Field Guide : Wild Flowers              National Audubon              Scholastics

我 們 的 地 球, 出 路何 在 ?                         編 輯 部                                明 報 報 業
( Translated from Le Monde                      Dominique Vidal..              Hachette, Paris
Diplomatique )

Weather : A Visual Guide                          Bruce Buckley…                  Reader’s Digest

The Revenge Of The Gaia,                         James Lovelock                    Basic Books
Earth’s Climate Crisis & The
Fate Of Humanity

First Field Guide : Rocks and                    National Audubon              Scholastics
Minerals                                                        Society

Post Impressions : 100 Years Of                Editorial                                South China Morning
Hong Kong News Photography                                                               Post

The Locomotive Portraits                           Kinsey Photographer          Konemann

Food – The Struggle To Sustain                 Jake Goldberg                      Watts
The Human Community

Exploring Ecosystems :                               Patricia Fink                         Watts
Rivers & Streams                                          Martin

Overpopulation                                            John Zeaman                        Watts

Who’s Running The Nation -                     Kathlyn Gay                         Watts
How Corporate Power Threatens

A Young’s Man’s Journey With                 Luellen Reese                       Franklin Watts
AIDS – The Story of Nick Trevor

Science At The Edge: Global                      Sally Morgan                        Heinemann

Science At The Edge: In Vitro                    Ann Fullick                           Heinemann

Science At The Edge: Cloning                    Sally Morgan                        Heinemann

Science At The Edge: Organ                       Ann Fullick                           Heinemann

Public Lecture :

February 11, 2009     1 hr 30 mins                           British Council

"Darwin, Science and Religion – How History Can Help"

Frank James
Professor of History of Science, of the UK’s Royal Institution


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