Mike Ko Personal Portfolio


Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom

Intermediate (2007 - 2009)


                  My Intermediate years of studies continued to revolve around my own interests. Yet at the same time a greater emphasis was placed on the building of all-round knowledge. As we lacked textbooks for this level of study, we often turned to external sources for study materials. In most cases, that source was the Hong Kong Public Libraries. Finding appropriate titles from the vast library collection was quite difficult, although we managed regardless. Besides that, the Intermediate period introduced two things: a formal study curriculum and the conventional science subjects.

                     The Intermediate study curriculum marked the transition to a more systematic study approach. At the basic level, I had a monthly study schedule that specified the daily subjects to be studied. Each day consisted of five and a half study hours, with around four subjects per day. At a more comprehensive level, quarterly study targets were introduced, in addition to the final annual targets. Within each quarter, I must strive to complete the targets I set myself. Upon each phase's end, my Dad reviews my study progress with me. Such approaches also began to help me develop both short-term and medium-term time management concepts.

                     Personally this period was particularly exciting, as I began to study the formal science subjects. I was quite eager to study the ‘professional’, systematic knowledge of nature. This period deepened my interest in science, and paved the way toward more in-depth study later. Although focus gradually shifted to the sciences, I still studied various general subjects of my interest. In addition, sport activities were also maintained and done on a regular basis. These included indoor and outdoor sports, mostly done at public sport centers and stadiums. Physical fitness is just as important as academic development.

                     When Intermediate concluded, I again found myself in need of appropriate textbooks for my next stage of studies. So I sent e-mails to my Intermediate science textbooks’ authors for some advice and book recommendations. Some of the authors replied and provided useful suggestions and recommendations. Their assistance greatly helped me in preparing for my further studies. Plus, it was an interesting experience to contact the people whose words I had been reading all along!



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