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Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom


History & Culture I

                        One reason why I started studying foreign histories and cultures was my stamp collection. Gathering stamps from various countries made me curious as to what these places were like. So initially I checked the consulate websites of countries like Finland, Israel, and Denmark for some information. Later on, I wanted to study foreign countries at a more comprehensive level. Hence I began looking for history books in the public libraries, and the first countries I chose were Canada and Britain.

                        Canada is an intriguing country. Its neighbor, the United States, is one of the world’s most powerful nations, yet Canada remains relatively secluded. It is also regarded as an ideal destination for emigration by many here in Hong Kong. So it made me wonder what is so special and attractive about this country.

                        A common point that both Canada and Hong Kong share is that they are former British colonies. It is amazing that a small country like Britain once could expand into a wide-reaching empire. I have also heard from my dad about how Hong Kong was different under British rule. These are some of the reasons why I chose Britain as my second country for study.

                        As I learned more about other countries, I became ever more interested in history and cultures. After all, they are valuable recollections for us to understand who we are as humans. So I shall definitely continue to study these aspects of different countries, possibly throughout my lifetime.

Book                                                              Author                                    Publisher                        

The Story Of Britain : From The                Rebecca Fraser                      Norton
Romans To The Present

A Short History Of Canada                       Desmond Morton                 McClelland & Stewarts Inc.

Profiles Of Canada                                      Kenneth Pryke..                    Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc.                                                                         ( Editor )

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