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Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom



                        When I was thirteen, I found in the library the book DNA – The Secret of Life by James D. Watson. This first encounter opened my eyes to DNA’s immense impact on life. Its fundamental significance was fascinating, as was the related aspects of genetics, biotechnology, and disease research. DNA was a science topic that illuminated my understanding of life, relevant yet also quite foreign. That was what made it so interesting to me. I was also quite eager to share such a flood of knowledge from Watson’s book.

                        At my Dad’s encouragement, I presented to him what I learned upon completing each chapter. When I finished the whole book, I wanted to pursue more about this significant topic. From Watson’s recommended booklist and other sources, I found and read seven other books on DNA. Apart from books, I also learned about DNA and related aspects from other sources. There were many DNA-related articles in science magazines like Scientific American and later in Science. Occasionally they pop up in newspapers as well.

                       In particular, I remember reading a newspaper interview article on a professor from a renowned university. Curious about his work on homologous recombination and Rad 51, I contacted the professor one day. He was very kind and sent me some relevant material, which was advanced but interesting nonetheless. Ultimately, all of this foundational knowledge on DNA shall certainly boost my scientific understanding and studies in university.

Book                                                              Author                                    Publisher                        

Ethical Issues In The New Genetics :       Brenda Almond..                  Ashgate Publishing
Are Genes Us ?                                            ( Editor )

A Passion For DNA, Genes,                      James D. Watson                   Oxford U Press
Genomes, & Society

The Common Thread : A Story Of           John Sulston..                         Bantam
Science, Politics, Ethics & The
Human Genome

Nature Via Nurture : Genes,                     Matt Ridley                            Fourth Estate
Experience, & What Makes
Us Human

Rosalind Franklin : The Dark Lady          Brenda Maddox                    Harper Collins
of  DNA

Genome : The Autobiography of A          Matt Ridley                           Harper Collins
Species In 23 Chapters

Genes, Peoples & Languages                     L. Cavalli-Sforza                  Penguin Books

DNA – The Secret of Life                           James D. Watson                  Knopf  ( 1st Ed )

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