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Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom


Computer I

                        Computers today are deeply integrated into our everyday lives. Whenever I use a computer, I am amazed by what these devices can do. Through a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, we can accomplish a myriad of tasks and activities. On top of its own capabilities, the internet greatly expanded computers’ possibilities. These two together more or less marks a major milestone for humanity. So I was certainly eager to know the details behind these important technologies.

                        Web design books showed me how websites on the internet are made. I also read books and biographies about people in the industry to understand its development and history. These individuals and their companies generally have a vision and an innovative desire to constantly revolutionize the industry. For sure, I do not intend to specialize in the technical engineering aspects of computing. Regardless, this technology is a truly fascinating and immensely powerful invention.

Book                                                                    Author                                       Publisher                         

Inside Out ! Microsoft – In Our                      Microsoft                                   Penguin
Own Words

Icon : Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second          Jeffrey Young..                          Wiley
Act In The History Of Business

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 :                       Shelly Cashman..                      Thomson Course
Introductory Concepts & Techniques                                          

How I Invented The Personal                        Steve Wozniak…                        Norton
Computer, Co-Founded Apple,
And Had Fun Doing It

Direct From Dell – Strategies That                 Michael Dell                               Harper Business
Revolutionized An Industry

The Web Wizard’s Guide To WEB                 James Lengel                             Pearson – Addison Wesley

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