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Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom



Chinese History

                        As Chinese is my mother-tongue, I am in constant contact with it every day. Thus my Chinese studies mainly focus on literature, which I have been encouraged to read early on. These included well-known classical stories and modern, non-fiction essay collections. Also, any person must have a good picture about their own country’s history.

                       So I borrowed a whole series of books on Chinese history to understand more. This approximately 5000 year account, from ancient to modern times, is immensely interesting. It shows the influences that led China to become what it is today. One can see how the different periods and dynasties progressed, their rise and fall. Through our history, we can understand what we have done, and learn from such past actions and events.

                        As my study focus is on mainly science, I have devoted comparatively less time to Chinese accordingly. Yet my interest in my own country’s literature and history shall definitely be ongoing. Plus, as I have mastered my native language, I can easily continue learning whenever I choose.

Book                                                                     Author                                    Publisher          

中國歷史講堂  卷6 ( 民國 )                                王恆偉                                     中華書局

中國歷史講堂  卷5 ( 清 )                                    王恆偉                                     中華書局

中國歷史講堂  卷4 ( 宋, 元, 明 )                        王恆偉                                     中華書局

中國歷史講堂  卷3 ( 三國至五代 )                    王恆偉                                     中華書局

中國歷史講堂  卷2 ( 戰國, 秦, 漢 )                    王恆偉                                     中華書局

中國歷史講堂  卷1 ( 遠古至春秋 )                    王恆偉                                     中華書局



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