Mike Ko Personal Portfolio


Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom


Foundation (2004 - 2006)


                    During the Foundation years my studies consisted of three main subjects. Two were the basic subjects Chinese and Mathematics. For Chinese I read fiction and newspapers, and for Mathematics my Dad tutored me on Algebra and Geometry basics. While these were important, most of my time was actually devoted to the third subject: plain reading. This was further divided into two themes: English fiction and non-fiction (effectively Liberal Studies). For both themes, reading was an independent process. I read titles of my choice, and no reports were required upon completion. In addition, my studies did not include homework, tests, and examinations. I was simply encouraged to read, learn, and ask any questions I may have.

                      The hours of study took four hours a day. Chinese and Mathematics had one hour each, and the other two were devoted to reading. As such, I had a lot of free time to myself. I often busied myself with Lego, using the interconnecting blocks and elements to build various creations. Also included were sports, like cycling and swimming. Aside from these, I often continue to read. To me, reading was not merely for study; it was something that I enjoyed doing.

                      Unrestrained reading had a large impact on me. Fictional stories helped me learn the patterns of English, giving me a strong language foundation. It also gave me ample room to exercise my imagination, both within and beyond the books’ contexts. Of course, I enjoyed exploring stories with scenarios quite different from my own. Non-fiction titles, on the other hand, were large windows that connected to the world, describing nature, technology, and society. I was satisfied simply to learn about the various aspects of our world.

                      Under this curriculum, I have read many different books, with an average rate of six to seven titles a month. Yet what was important lay not in the quantity. I thoroughly enjoyed what I was learning because I was engaged in things that I was interested in.

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