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     Brainstorm Maps

       The single thing that journalists needs the most is a good story, thus they must always be on the lookout for them in the wider world. From the tiniest sliver of information, they will already have several angles and narrative structures ready to be acted upon. Certainly it is a mind-set that comes with experience and practice, so I began making 15-minute notes of any potential stories or simply topics of personal interest that came to mind. They are fairly simple diagrams, but they also allow me to practice putting down potential narratives quickly.

2017 - 2018
38. プラスチックはよさすぎる?(Japanese)
37. Cambiamento Significa per Privacy sulla Internet? (Italian)
36. 中国と日本は仲良になれない? (Japanese)
35. 朝鮮局勢 - 重大發展, 還是一如以往? (Chinese)
34. 學術期刊: 阻外研究的絆腳石? (Chinese)
33. Siccità in Sudafrica un allarme al mondo? (Italian)
32. イギリス大学の商業化と罷業の被害者 (Japanese)
31. Carne d'insetti - perchè no? (Italian)
30. 卡通裡的暴力對孩子的影響 (Chinese)
29. Mental Health in University Students
28. The Cold War Lives
27. Crumbling Boundaries, Gender Fluidity
26. Men's Gripes on International Women's Day
25. Beast of the East: Man-made Monster or Random Anomaly?
24. No Escape from Abuses in Foreign Aid?
23. Ideal Political Systems? Faults of Democracy and Others
22. Removing the Past : an Issue Behind Baked Nymphs
21. Political Tweet Wars for Confusing the Public
20. Immoral Claims on 'Alternative' Treatments
19. Lecturers Strike, Students Suffer
18. Minority Representation in Film Industry
17. Word Count, Waffles and Sloppiness in Academia
16. Tree Spikes: Folly or Inconsequential?
15. Panda: Cute Luxury?
14. Antibiotics: Slim Pickings, Growing Need
13. Star Wars: Past Success, Present Struggles?
12. One-way trip for Resources
11. Brighton Protests: Why Bother?
10. Racism: Why does it still exist?
9. Goldsmiths College: 'Chicken Shop Safari'.
Backlash over sensitive snowflake complaints?
8. Sex Offences: Brought forth by Celebrities
7. User-generated Content-creation Business
6. Sugar - An Addictive Substance?
5. Facebook - News with no Direction?
4. Automation: Boon or Bane?
3. Tobacco, Beef, and 'unneccesary' commodities
2. What does being 'Green' mean?
1. Catalan Independence: The People's Wishes VS. National Integrity




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