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Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom


Supplementary Subjects

                        At my age during Advanced, students here typically have already chosen subjects to specialize in before university. However, I preferred to keep my supplementary subjects even during this stage. A main reason is because they provide information on nearly everything, an all-round perspective of the world. This is a crucial foundation to support my university studies. Of course, I had to efficiently manage my time in order to retain these Supplementary subjects.

Economics II / History & Culture II / Computer II / Liberal Studies II / Critical Reading

                        In Intermediate, I got a good foundation in microeconomics. In Advanced, I naturally shifted macroeconomics to obtain a broader understanding of economics. The theories on international economics offer insights on nations’ various economic activities. Real-life examples from the textbook also provide actual situations to test against theories. Such economic knowledge shows the underlying rationale behind interactions between nations. Although it may not seem directly scientific, economics is crucial to any functional modern society. It influences the well-being of countless people, and so is just as significant as the natural sciences.

Economics II

International Economics -                           Paul Krugman..                    Pearson  ( 8th Ed )
Theory & Policy

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                        When I was young, I liked to read atlases to know where different countries were located. I also enjoyed learning about the background details of these foreign places. It was very satisfying to have some understanding on the broader world. Such interest persisted into Advanced, when I study a specific country’s history and culture. These are a country’s most interesting aspects, a glimpse at various faces of humanity that I never encountered. This shall be a constant hobby or personal study throughout my life.

History & Culture II

Modern Japan : A Social And                     Elise Tipton                          Routledge
Political History

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                        In this age, the internet is a very powerful and effective means of communication. As such, I became interested in learning how to make a webpage of my own. In 2011 I joined a summer workshop with web design tutorials. Plus I also read some web authoring tool books to get a better grasp of the software. It is while reading that I got the idea to make a personal portfolio in webpage form. In this way, I can neatly present my ideals on education to others.

Computer II


The Web Collection Revealed              Sherry Bishop                          Delmar Cengage Learning                                                                    Jim Shuman                                  

HTML, XHTML & CSS                         Elizabeth Castro                      Peachpit Press


July 25-29, 2011         9:00 am – 4:00 pm                 SCAD The University for Creative Careers

SCAD Hong Kong Teen Summer Workshop : “ Basic Website & Motion Media Design “

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                        I have always been interested in many things of the world even when I was small. These can be on the natural world, human societies, the universe or other things. To get answers, I was encouraged to read various kinds of books, which mostly came from public libraries. My curiosity, and approach to find answers, continued in Advanced. More than ever before, Liberal Studies has been highly enlightening. On top of reading books, I also attend public lectures arranged by certain organizations and institutions. Through these lectures, I can learn through verbal presentations and participate more actively.

Liberal Studies II


Six Degrees                                       Mark Lynas                          National Geographic
Our Future on a Hotter Planet

Guns, Germs, & Steel                      Jared Diamond                     Norton
The Fates Of Human Societies

An Apple A Week                           Sir David Tang                     Next Publications


Nobel Peace Prize Speech
Oxford University civil law
honorary doctorate
acceptance speech
Aung San Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi


America’s Medicated Kids
Louis and the Nazis
Louis Theroux Behind Bars
Louis Theroux Gambling in Las Vegas
Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux

Public Lectures

November 15, 2012   1h 30 mins                                          British Council

"Robots that Learn: Old Dreams, New Tools"

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar
University of Edinburgh

October 22, 2012       1h 30 mins                                          University of Hong Kong

"A New Study of Global Warming back to 1753"

Professor Richard Muller
University of California, Berkeley

October 4, 2012         1h 30 mins                                          British Council

Café Scientifique – “ Climate Change and Food Production “

Dr. Dan Bebber
Global Head of Climate Change

March 15, 2012          1h 30 mins                                          University of Hong Kong

“ From Reading To Writing The Genetic Code “

Dr. J. Craig Venter
Chairman and CEO
J. Craig Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics Inc.

November 3, 2011    1h 30 mins                                           British Council

Café Scientifique – “ Will Chemistry save us from Ourselves? “

István T. Horváth
Xia Jiang

September 7, 2011    1h 30 mins                                           British Council

Café Scientifique – “ Polar Explorer Robert Swan, OBE“

September 5, 2011    1h 30 mins                                           British Council

“ Is Sustainability Sustainable? “

David Clary FRS
Chief Scientific Advisor to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Bill Barron
Division of Environment, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Paul Harris
Chair Professor, Department of Science and Environmental Studies, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Changhua Wu (Moderator)
Greater China Director, The Climate Group

March 18, 2011          1hr 50 mins                                        University of Hong Kong  

Centenary Distinguished Lecture – “  The Protein Universe and Daily Life “

Kurt Wüthrich
2002 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry

January 6, 2011         1hr 20 mins                            Chinese University of Hong Kong

SHKP Nobel Laureates Distinguished Lecture –
“ How do Antibiotics Block the Protein Factory of Pathogenic Bacteria?“

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
2009 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry

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                        From 2010, I started devoting time to browse through the websites of selected universities. This allows me to get more familiar with university-level education. Through their web pages, I got a better idea about the kind of students that universities are looking for. I also found more information to help me in choosing the right university. As an unexpected benefit, the websites also had many enlightening articles on general and academic aspects. These articles presented useful perspectives on university studies and science overall. There were also videos from speeches and open lectures by excellent scholars, which I found very inspirational.

Critical Reading

Contents                                                                                                                             Sources                                                  

22. Biology In The Era Of Complete Genomes

21. From Recombinant DNA To Stem Cells

20. The Assault On Evolution

19. The Thesis : Quintessentially

18. A Student's Guide To Writing In The Life Sciences

17. Strange Bedfellows: Science, Politics, And Religion

16. Science: The Last Frontier

15. Strategy Or Happenstance: Science Policy In the U.S.A.

14. Boom Or Bust: Overcoming Whiplash In Science Policy

13. Bridging The Gender Gap In Science And Technology

12. Guide To Using And Citing Sources When Writing In The Life Sciences

11. Commencement: The Right Of All To A Good Education

10. Opening Exercises: Thriving In The Information Age

9.   Discovery: Research At Princeton

8.   Epilogue: After College Accept You

7.   Looking Beyond The College Ranking

6.   Writing Assessment Criteria

5.   Getting Started In Undergraduate Research Cornell University

4.   Essay Tips

3.   Academic Time Management

2.   Academic Note-Taking

1.   Academic Speed Reading

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman - President 2003

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman - President 2004

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman - President 2005

Princeton University: Nancy Weiss Malkiel - Dean of the College 1987-2011

Harvard University

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman – President Dec 1, 2005

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman – President Feb 28, 2006

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman – President Nov 1, 2007

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman – President Oct 29, 2009

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman – President Oct 1, 2010

Harvard University

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman – President Jul 6, 2011

Princeton University: Shirley Tilghman – President Oct 5, 2011

Princeton University

Yale University

Yale University

Brown University

Cambridge University Students’ Union

Cambridge University Students’ Union

Cambridge University Students’ Union

Cambridge University Students’ Union

Cambridge University Students’ Union

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