Mike Ko Personal Portfolio


Home-School Education
Hong Kong

University of Durham
Bachelor of Science
United Kingdom

2017 - 2018
United Kingdom

Advanced (2010 - 2012)


                        Looking back now, my Foundation and Intermediate years served to progressively nurture my aspiration to be a scientist. In particular, I intend to put scientific research as my main focus. As science is a broad field, getting a good picture on a wider range of subjects is important. Consequently I included the three Enhance subjects (Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Laboratory Experiments) into my Advanced curriculum. These subjects provided more specific knowledge in science.

                       Despite these additions, focus on the basic sciences that form my Core subjects is maintained. Non-science studies of interests are also continued in this period. These provide an all-rounded range of knowledge that shall prepare me for university studies and beyond. Yet perhaps most importantly, I enjoyed studying all of my Advanced subjects and further expanding my knowledge.

Enhance – BioPhysics / BioChemistry / Laboratory Experiments

Core – Physics II / Chemistry II / Biology II / Mathematics II / Magazines II

Supplementary – Economics II / History & Culture II / Computer II / Liberal Studies II /
                                Critical Reading

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