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Enhance Subjects

                        I began studying the Enhance subjects – which includes Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Laboratory Experiments – from March 2011. These interdisciplinary subjects show me how knowledge from different areas can give new insights. This reflects the growing trend in science in general. In addition to offering knowledge, the Enhance subjects also provide a broader picture and understanding on science. This shall help me in determining my desired area of focus in university and later research.

                         I included Laboratory Experiments in particular, as it shows some aspects of experimenting as well as organic chemistry. Experimenting is crucial in scientific investigations, either to probe nature’s properties or proving ideas. So understanding the methods on planning and executing experiments in general is essential. These together shall further prepare me for university and in becoming a good scientist.


Biological Physics – Energy,                      Philip Nelson                       Freeman
Information, Life

Part II Diffusion, Dissipation, Drive
            Chapter 10     Enzymes And Molecular Machines
            Chapter 9       Cooperative Transitions In Macromolecules
            Chapter 8       Chemical Forces And Self-Assembly
            Chapter 7       Entropic Forces At Work
            Chapter 6       Entropy, Temperature, And Free Energy
            Chapter 5       Life In The Slow Lane: The Low Reynolds-Number World
            Chapter 4       Random Walks, Friction, And Diffusion
            Chapter 3       The Molecular Dance

Part I   Mysteries, Metaphors, Models
            Chapter 2       What’s Inside Cells
            Chapter 1       What The Ancients Knew


BIOCHEMISTRY -                                      Donald Voet                         Wiley 3rd Edition
Biomolecules, Mechanisms Of                    Judith Voet
Enzyme Action, And Metabolism

Part II Biomolecules
            Chapter 11     Sugars And Polysaccharides
            Chapter 10     Hemoglobin: Protein Function In Microcosm
            Chapter 9       Protein Folding, Dynamics, And Structural Evolution
            Chapter 8       Three-Dimensional Structures Of Proteins
            Chapter 7       Covalent Structures Of Proteins And Nucleic Acids
            Chapter 6       Techniques Of Protein And Nucleic Acid Purification
            Chapter 5       Nucleic Acids, Gene Expression, And Recombinant DNA Technology
            Chapter 4       Amino Acids

Part I   Introduction And Background
            Chapter 3       Thermodynamic Principles: A Review
            Chapter 2       Aqueous Solutions
            Chapter 1       Life


Microscale And Miniscale                          Allen Schoffstall                   McGraw-Hill
Organic Chemistry
Laboratory Experiments

            Chapter 24     Phenols
            Chapter 23     Aryl Halides
            Chapter 22     Amines
            Chapter 21     Multistep Preparations
            Chapter 20     Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
            Chapter 19     Carboxylic Acids
            Chapter 18     Enols And Enolates
            Chapter 17     Aldehydes And Ketones
            Chapter 16     Ethers
            Chapter 15     Alcohols And Diols
            Chapter 14     Organometallics
            Chapter 13     Combined Spectroscopy And Advanced Spectroscopy
            Chapter 12     Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
            Chapter 11     Reactions Of Aromatic Side Chains
            Chapter 10     Qualitative Organic Analysis I
            Chapter 9       Dienes And Conjugation
            Chapter 8       Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions
            Chapter 7       Molecular Modeling And Stereochemistry
            Chapter 6       Alkene Addition Reactions
            Chapter 5       Synthesis Of Alkenes
            Chapter 4       Alcohols And Alkyl Halides
            Chapter 3       Introduction To Organic Compounds, Solvents, Separations
                                    And Recrystallizations
            Chapter 2       Spectroscopic Methods
            Chapter 1       Techniques In The Organic Chemistry Laboratory

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